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PLAN - Figure Drawing Blu-ray by Michael Mentler - 2022

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Renaissance Masters like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Durer knew that great works begin with solid foundations. That foundation starts with having a step-by-step P.L.A.N. like the world's great Masters have followed for over six centuries.

This Blu-ray details the elements of that P.L.A.N.
(P) The Three Ps are Placement, Proportion, and Perspective.
(L) Landmarks (26 points used to map the human form.)
(A) Angles, Alignments, and Axes that create a system of comparative measurement.
(N) Navigating Negative Shapes to create foreshortening.
During this three-hour Blu-ray, Michael guides you through this P.L.A.N he has developed over several decades. This video lesson is the Foundation of learning to draw in the Renaissance tradition.

From the cover:

The recording of this 2-day workshop provides students with tools necessary to begin figure drawing education using Mentler Method. Michael begins with the lecture, talks about key points of figure construction, and then concludes with a drawing demonstration. This video lesson is designed for beginners and experienced artists who want to embark on a creative journey with Michael. It is the foundation of the Mentler Method for those who will continue the mentoring process either in person or via video.

As a master painter, sculptor, draughtsman, and designer, Michael Mentler's creative journey has covered a polymathic array of artistic endeavors.
His pieces have been displayed in numerous group and solo shows and represented in private and public collections worldwide. Michael persistently challenges the art world to see beyond the surface. He revives the essence of numerous past masters and gives it a place in the modern era. Renowned painter Richard Schmidt once called Michael Mentler "a modern day Leonardo."
To learn from Michael Mentler is to learn from the multitude of past masters he has studied, absorbed, internalized, and re-imagined. His work will teach you to create lines, planes, points, and forms that engross the viewer by guiding their eyes in and out of a notional space.


Please keep in mind: to watch this Blu-ray disk you need to have a physical Blu-ray player or a computer with software (like VLC Media Player) that can play Blu-rays.