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P.L.A.N. - One-Day - Blueprint of the Human Form Lab, August 10, 2024

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A Mentler Methode Workshop

Building a successful drawing starts with having a well thought out P.L.A.N.. Maester Mentler’s One-Day Hands-on Workshop on the C.S.I. Canon of Proportion provides a time tested blueprint for drawing the human form.

Date: Saturday, August 10, 2024
Time: Lecture – 10:30am-12:30pm, Practice session – 1pm – 4pm
Location: The Society of Figurative Arts Studio
Address (view on Google Maps):
3306 Wiley Post, Studio 104, Carrollton, Texas, 75006
Fee: $85 (Includes supplies and model fees.)

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What You Will Learn


Participants will learn the importance of PLACEMENT and the establishment of a PROSCENIUM ARCH in which stage their drawing. They will learn how to build a human figure using a unique system of C.S.I. PROPORTION (Cranial, Sternal, Index) developed by Robert Beverly Hale and expanded in the Mentler Methode. This system allows one to capture the human form without relying on reference. PERSPECTIVE as it relates to drawing the human figure will also be demonstrated. The Mentler Method emphasizes seeing in terms of masses and planes, rather than mimicking shapes.

The C.S.I CANON OF PROPORTIONS will be demonstrated and explained in detail.

The identification and location of the 26 SKELETAL LANDMARKS will be demonstrated on the skeleton and the live model.

ASPECTS of comparative measurement which involves ALIGNMENTS, ANGLES and AXES will be explained and diagrammed.

NAVIGATING the relationships of NEGATIVE and POSITIVE forms along with the other visual tools is an integral part of the Mentler Methode.

Mentler Methode Labs are streamlined versions of his standard workshop lectures and demos.

• The Maester will demonstrate and pontificate from 10:30 To 12:30
• 12:30 to 1:00 Lunch break
• 1:00 to 4:00 Attendees work from a live model

Discount on Michael's self-study materials

Attendees will receive discounts on Michael’s DVD, Books and future workshops.

Past workshop attendees get 15% off, please contact us for a coupon!


We have a fridge and microwave in case you bring your lunch, or we pick up food from La Spiga.

Please bring a notebook and a writing instrument to take notes during the demonstrations.


This Mentler Methode Workshop is the foundation of Michael’s core drawing and painting curriculum.

* Mandatory for beginners

“Michael’s intense study of the teachings and works of George Brandt Bridgman and Robert Beverly Hale make him a natural progression of that linage with the added twist of his own dynamic personal style.”Jon David Kassan

“Michael is a modern-day Leonardo.”Richard Schmid

“Richards Right.” – Dan McCaw –

The P.L.A.N. Workshop is the foundation of the Mentler Methode and is a prerequisite for continued mentorship from Maester Mentler. It is the the starting point for beginners and is loaded with information for serious amateurs and professionals as well. It goes beyond drawing what you see by showing you what to look for and provides you with the skill-sets necessary to become a better artist.